Friday, February 03, 2006

BEWARE - Apple iPod causes Hearing Loss

hehe this is really funny i couldn't ignore blogging about it.

I mean some guy claims that he suffered hearing loss because of his iPod.

what's wrong with people?? (suing 3al tal3a ou 3al nazleh) I might as well sue the manufacturer of the laptop i am using (i wont mention names so that no one sues me ;) ) for back problems because the chair i am sitting on right now is not compatible with how the keyboard is oriented.

Ahh neways its been a very long time since i last had something to say... i should blog more often from now on.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

JPs new partial posts cool... and a suggestion

Ohhh this feels really good, navigating through Jordan Planet is a breeze now, I love the way the posts are truncated now, this is so much better, and well nicer. Thanx you guys..... ya3teekom il 3afieh.

I have a suggestion for the site too if I may. Could you guys change the default view of the Events page to the calendar view, or maybe have that page view the current days events (if any) and a calendar object on the page that allows you to select the day you want to view, I dunno if that’s applicable but it would be musch easier for one to find and event on a specific day.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Hapland (1 and 2)

Do you ever get bored while at work? Or maybe you are at home and just have nothing to do? Or maybe you just love those silly internet games.

Well "Hapland" is the game for you. It's an amazing game that requires patience and creativity to solve the puzzle.
And when your done from Hapland (if you ever solve the puzzle alone) then you should check out "Hapland 2"

I have finished the first one, but still having trouble finding the solution for the second.

Enjoy and hope you like it.

Some more Metallica news...

Carlos Santana is coming out with a new album on November 1st 2005, its called "All that I am".

What's amazing about it is that Kirk from Metallica was asked to contribute to this upcoming release.
The song is called Trinity and you can listen to the song here.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Unforgetable Morning:)

Try starting your day with a knife-slice move coming from you’re company’s managing partner... testing your reflexes!!! It was one of these few Sundays to wake up with a peaceful attitude towards life. I decided to go early to work to have some peace of mind before everybody else comes in. What was I thinking when I went to get that cup of coffee? I bumped into her, and all what was going through my mind, is finding a way to end any kind of talk we start.
"You’re shaped up," she said; although the compliment made me happy, the talk didn’t lead to a happy ending. Thrilled to hear that my body-combat class was the reason behind it; she started talking about arm shaping techniques…kickboxing, and oh god, self defense.

Her fist came toward me in a rocket speed, stood still infront of my eyes… without any movement from my side, trying to comprehend the sensibility of the events happening around me; "You got weak reflexes!!" She said... I would have given her all the reflexes she needed as long as it wouldn’t affect my raise!!!

Demonstrating how to use the other side’s strength against him/her, she asked me to push her. It was an awkward dilemma; I didn’t want to spoil her moment by refusing to; however, I was afraid to subconsciously push her too hard!! After several delicate attempts from my side, she insisted on pushing her harder, so I thought…she asked for it…let her have it!! Right before placing my hands on her shoulders, she grabbed me towards her direction and stepped aside…all I knew I was two meters away form where I was standing…The technique finally sunk in…the hard way though!

I don’t want to get through more details so as not to allow “SOME PEOPLE’ to fly with their imaginations. I don’t know, but I believe this wasn’t a normal behavior of an employee-manager relation (correct me if I am wrong). All what I was thinking of was how to end this demo before anybody comes in, but thank god, I successfully did after a couple of side and back kicks…with the least damages possible!!

My rare peaceful attitude couldn’t last for an hour that day. I walked from that canteen promising myself to sign up for a self-defense class and be prepared for the next confrontation!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Metallica to appear on the Simpsons

This is really cool. My favorite band ever, Metallica, is gonna appear on one of the episodes of the Simpsons sometime in May 2006.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

A passing thought!!

Whether we like or not, wherever we are in life, is all because of accumulated decisions we made through our daily lives. Taking full responsibility of where we have reached in life could be a discomforting thought for many of us. We always find such a relief in blaming people or circumstances around us when we screw up.

We make millions of decisions a day without noticing. I wake up in the morning, go to work, flip out on people and let things get to me, not because I had to, but because unconsciously I chose to. If someone offended me, I would probably choose to generate feelings of dislike and hatred towards that person, because that’s the way I always handled previous offenses. A lot of our reactions are a result of conditioned reflexes of familiar situations; that’s the way we handled the situation before, and any similar event will trigger the same behavior.

If we bring the choices we make to our awareness, step back for a moment and analyze their benefits and damages, we will master controlling situations and circumstances instead of them controlling us.

I am not saying here that we should not reveal our attitudes, we are human beings after all, and we should give ourselves the right to burst out, crack up, be silly, and to screw up sometimes. However, we need to be prepared to take the consequences of communicating these feelings, and direct and focus them toward our self-empowerment. Finally, we have to always remember that its only us who can pick ourselves up and direct it to the destination we want to reach in life.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Old Junk!!!

Today it was as if the tape of my life 10 years ago flashed infront my eyes. If anybody opens that small drawer, will think a trashcan was emptied there. But to me it meant a lot more, each and every piece of it brought me back to an event or a period of time that I wanted to make a memory of. Torn pieces of writings, abstract pictures, funny school notes, drawings from the 8th grade art class, metro passes, and even the very first phone card I got in the U.S. Searching through this junk hole, I found the first poem I ever wrote. I remember I was fourteen when I wrote it, and it was dedicated to a guy who I used to like then (saya3a)…well I thought there is no harm in sharing it, (as long as my image remains the same, remember I was only 14 then) …


Here is your seat…empty from everything except your absence…
I hear your voice…full of silence…
Here I am … all alone…
Only memories make me wait the dawn…
Still awake…without a cup of coffee…
Without your whispers going through me…
With non of your heart beats to revive me…
Running from a shelter to a hiding place…
Waiting for breaths to guide me…
And whenever my hand moves closer to feel yours…
It comes back with itches…
And my blood turns into beautiful sketches…
No reflection to find my identity…
Only my heart is racing to abandon this abandoned body…
And still here is your seat…
lacks your fire to burn my heat…
Still waiting for your shadow to appear…
Wishing and hoping that one-day, you’ll come back to me dear…

Pretty dramatic (mosalsal hendi)…I know…but until now I have no f$@##% clue what was going through my mind then!!!

To live is to die...

Life and Death…. What’s the meaning of Life? What happens after Death?

I went into this discussion with a friend of mine about life and death, basically the discussion revolved around the meaning and purpose of life.

I brought up the phrase “Life is all about death”, which then rang a bell as I just realized what the song To Live is To Die by Metallica meant.

I happen to think of my life as a series of events that would pile up to increase my knowledge and experience, hence help me achieve my goals in life.
But then you might ask, well if life is all about death then why bother. Why exhaust yourself when you already know that you’re going to die at the end.

Well this is the turning point that keeps a human being alive. This is the point where if you did not find the meaning and purpose of life, then people would probably find you standing on the bridge over the Nile ready to jump (i.e. Committing suicide :)).

Also this is the point were I came to disagree with my friend.

My point was that a person needs to seize the day (carpe diem), he needs to live the moment, he has to think of his life day by day in order to accomplish his ultimate goals.
We all know that we are going to die one day in order to complete the circle of life, so why not make the best of it while you can.
Once one has accomplished his goals and its time for him to go (i.e. Die), then he could look back at his life, with pride, thinking how he passed all his life’s accomplishments to others (family, friends and/or community).
After that… well there is no after that, cause your Dead. And that’s what keeps me running; knowing that I have the ability to look back at my life and be proud of it.

Other people may explain the meaning and purpose of their life in different ways, and I respect that, as long as you know that your life has a meaning then you’re on the safe side.

If you don’t then just make sure that you hang out with lots of people at all time so that they can stop you from committing suicide someday.