Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Google is controlling the world (and me)

Ok so I was reading around the net today, and i tried to avoid that fact the everyone is talking about "Google Talk". (which i love by the way)
google google google... google is everywhere.

I stopped for a second today and thought of all the google stuff that i use and i came to a conclusion that "without google i will be dead" heheh... well check it out..
I use:

- Google search (I have the google toolbar for easy access too)
- which also includes image search, froogle, news and groups
- Google Desktop search
- GMail
- Google Talk
- Hello
- Google Earth and Maps
- Blogger
- Picasa
- Deskbar (stopped using it though)

hehe I hope they come up with a google OS with all the other google tools built in... or maybe a google media player, although i will still use winamp cause its the best media player ever till now.

neways with all the google stuff i use, i am still not comfortable, cause I am not sure how they share all the info i have on my pc..... but what the heck its not like i have the secret receipe for the next generation mars bar or somthing :).


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