Thursday, September 15, 2005

People in my Daily Life - NOORAG (a.k.a Tabbs)


Ok, today I have decided to write about my colleague at work. Tabbs... You might ask why, well there is no one reason why, but here is the story...

I first met Tabbs, almost a year and a half ago, it was almost 1 week after she joined the company I am working at. I tried to talk to her that day to break the ice, and if I remember correctly I said the following (stupid phrase) "Sorry, bas ma t3rrafna" .... she was like "Um.. yea hi I am Tabbs" (offcourse she told me her real name then) , but I think in her head that sentence sounded more like "WTF... who the F#$% is he... gal ma t3rrafna gal...".

Anyways what makes Tabbs special enough that I am writing about her is:
  • Well its her birthday today
  • Her story telling techniques
  • Her body language techniques (mainly hand gestures and occasional eye rolls)
Let me start of by telling you about her story telling techniques. Basically her stories are often accompanied by sound effects and vocal tone changes, that's what makes them interesting.
The story basically starts of with a quite introduction of the subject, and the main characters, it usually doesn't take her long to get into the heart of the subject, this is where all the fun starts.

She starts getting into the details of the Main object of the story whether it is a person or a thing, giving you all the details needed to visualize the subject.

Then comes the mini story of how she got involved in the story itself.

After that comes the part where she explains how much she likes/dislikes that particular person/thing , this is where you (the listener) get involved in the story, where the amount of details you've been exposed to gives you enough information to either FALL IN LOVE with the person/thing, or just completely HATE it, and start swearing and encouraging her to do so too...

This is where the story reaches the climax, and this is usually the part that is accompanied by a louder tone and occasional cussing and the essential table slap which is so loud that people would sometimes leave their desks to come check if she is ok or not. After that I would usually burst of laughter and she would turn to me and try to smack me with a chair or somthin.

As for the hand gestures, well they always crack me up. She can never pull off the correct movement to go with the story she is telling. For instance the other day we were talking about car accidents, so she started talking about close range accidents (Tatabo3) and started illustrating how they usually happen, with her hands, and boy did they not look like 2 cars hitting each other, (they looked like....... well I am not telling but I will leave it to your imagination).

All that said, she is one of the coolest people I know, and although she sometimes tries to act like a tough chick, but I know that deep inside she is a harmless kitten.

Oh and speaking of deep inside... apart of being a harmless kitten, I think there is also a Little 7afartali inside who is trying really hard to get out... I think you need to be careful Tabbs cause if he does come out, The situation will turn into DoDo (Il wade3 bigleb DoDo).....

Tabbs hope that you had a fun B-day this year, and I will see you on sunday (I will be wearing my chair/table proof outfit :P)


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