Saturday, September 24, 2005

Unforgetable Morning:)

Try starting your day with a knife-slice move coming from you’re company’s managing partner... testing your reflexes!!! It was one of these few Sundays to wake up with a peaceful attitude towards life. I decided to go early to work to have some peace of mind before everybody else comes in. What was I thinking when I went to get that cup of coffee? I bumped into her, and all what was going through my mind, is finding a way to end any kind of talk we start.
"You’re shaped up," she said; although the compliment made me happy, the talk didn’t lead to a happy ending. Thrilled to hear that my body-combat class was the reason behind it; she started talking about arm shaping techniques…kickboxing, and oh god, self defense.

Her fist came toward me in a rocket speed, stood still infront of my eyes… without any movement from my side, trying to comprehend the sensibility of the events happening around me; "You got weak reflexes!!" She said... I would have given her all the reflexes she needed as long as it wouldn’t affect my raise!!!

Demonstrating how to use the other side’s strength against him/her, she asked me to push her. It was an awkward dilemma; I didn’t want to spoil her moment by refusing to; however, I was afraid to subconsciously push her too hard!! After several delicate attempts from my side, she insisted on pushing her harder, so I thought…she asked for it…let her have it!! Right before placing my hands on her shoulders, she grabbed me towards her direction and stepped aside…all I knew I was two meters away form where I was standing…The technique finally sunk in…the hard way though!

I don’t want to get through more details so as not to allow “SOME PEOPLE’ to fly with their imaginations. I don’t know, but I believe this wasn’t a normal behavior of an employee-manager relation (correct me if I am wrong). All what I was thinking of was how to end this demo before anybody comes in, but thank god, I successfully did after a couple of side and back kicks…with the least damages possible!!

My rare peaceful attitude couldn’t last for an hour that day. I walked from that canteen promising myself to sign up for a self-defense class and be prepared for the next confrontation!!!


At 7:16 PM, Blogger Omarello said...

and I guess when you say SOME PEOPLE you mean "Moi" ???

hehe LOL

At 9:29 AM, Blogger rEEmoOo said...

i tried to be general, bas elli 3arasoh bat7a....u know the rest!!



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